Veterinary Well-Care Services for Your Pet

As pet owners and people that have dedicated our lives to the care of animals, we truly understand how important animal companions are to each and every one of our clients. Your pet is a special, unique and important member of your family. This is why Palatine Animal Hospital strives to be at the forefront of veterinary care by providing state-of-the-art medical services and protocols within a modern, fully-equipped, and welcoming facility.

The basis of our promise to you and the foundation of your pet's health is the thorough practice of preventative care. We recommend yearly, nose-to-tail wellness checkups, proper dental care here and at home, a balanced approach to vaccinations, microchip identification, as well as regular screenings for diseases that commonly afflict our pets in their senior years.

We also strongly believe that client education and communication are vital aspects of good veterinary care. Our promise to you and the work of caring for your pet does not begin and end at our doors. It is continuous and requires empowering you with the information you need to provide the best and most compassionate care for your beloved pet.

Also, when you bring your new puppy or kitten in for its first visit, your veterinarian will provide you with important information and advice on its care. We will also give you a kit filled with helpful information and products for your puppy or kitten at no extra charge.

Unfortunately, even despite the most aggressive preventative treatment, our pets may yet experience a periodic illness or injury. The skill and extensive education of the doctors at Palatine Animal Hospital means we can effectively manage a number of complex cases. In some cases, though, your pet may require the care of a trained specialist. We maintain relationships with a number of area specialty veterinarians and will work with you and the specialist to ensure your pet receives the best and most appropriate care possible.

Please take a look at the services we have to offer on this and following pages and feel free to give us a call at (847) 359-1688 to ask our staff any questions or to set up an appointment.

Veterinary Wellness Exams: The Heart of Preventative Medicine

A regular physical examination is just as important for your pet as it is for you. Because our pets can't tell us how they really feel, we recommend a complete nose-to-tail physical examination at least once a year, though more frequent exams are encouraged.

A routine examination provides you and your veterinarian with the opportunity to develop a picture of your pet's overall health as well as to spot potential medical issues before they become serious health concerns. It's also an opportunity for you to ask your veterinarian important questions about your pet's health, habits and daily care. We also use this time to inform you about home healthcare for your pet and offer important advice and new information on the care of your particular type and breed of animal.

Vaccinations for Your Pet: Safe & Effective

Vaccinations are the cornerstone of your pet's preventative health care plan. Advances in veterinary immunology have made diseases that once were fatal to pets easily prevented. Today, many immunizations and preventative treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. We always tailor your pet's vaccination schedule according to his or her needs. All decisions about vaccinations and preventative care are made jointly by the veterinarian and you in order to develop a vaccination protocol based on your pet's lifestyle, environment, and other risk factors.

Palatine Animal Hospital believes that our well-balanced vaccination protocol is the best means to protect your pet from disease as well as the risk of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

Nutritional & Behavioral Counseling for Your Pet

Nutritional Counseling

Palatine Animal Hospital has trained staff available to help you with nutritional challenges for your pet. We can also offer advice and provide information about diets that benefit specific medical conditions such as liver disease, bladder and kidney stones, renal failure, food allergies and other conditions.

Veterinary Allergy Testing & Treatment

Pets have allergies, too. Itching, scratching, and hot spots are all signs of allergies and skin conditions in pets. Allergies to pollen, dust and fleas are all very common and treatable. No matter what your pet's allergy or skin condition, Palatine Animal Hospital has the expertise to identify and treat many of the allergies and resulting medical conditions that can affect our pets.

Senior and Geriatric Veterinary Care

Palatine Animal Hospital still recommends regular wellness and dental exams, but also a geriatric exam tailored to your pet's age and condition. Our geriatric care program includes the standard vaccines your dog or cat needs, as well as diagnostic tests designed to help catch any problems associated with aging before they become difficult and expensive to treat.

Microchipping: Safe & Reliable Pet ID

Palatine Animal Hospital uses the AVID (American Veterinary Identification Devices) microchip system. AVID comes with a number of valuable services and is recognized not only across the United States, but throughout South and Central America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

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  • "I really like the staff, very caring and informed! My questions always answered in a timely manner. I have taken three of our pets through the years there and everything I just mentioned above has been consistent through the years,. I highly recommend Palatine Animal Hospital."

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